Samantha Vega Wallet - Review

Discussion in Product Reviews started by Miaka_M • May 14, 2015.

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    Just last week I bought a collaboration wallet of the popular anime "Sailor Moon" by the high end fashion designer in Japan called Samantha Vega. Put it this way, this brand is basically like the popular Kate Spade brand! It has super good quality and has a cute design.

    The wallet features the collar of Sailor Moon with her brooch and bow, its super cute and durable! It also has a really nice golden zipper. Made with leather, this wallet can last a very long time. I bought the wallet because I did need a good one as the ones that I have aren't as spacious or ripping apart, so this is a good investment on my end. Did I mention that it has 12 card slots and multi pockets everywhere? It was about $300 US off of eBay by a reliable seller (yes, I know, that is a crazy price!) but I did have a $25 gift card, so I got it for $275, this is the price including the customs and duty taxes.

    I do wish that it was a little cheaper, but I did need a wallet and I wanted something that would last a long time as well as represent me so this was a good buy. I highly recommend this brand for anyone looking for something durable and long lasting.

    I also did read some reviews online and people who bought this brand, had the same item for over 10 years, so I'm sticking with this!

    Do you know what this brand is? If not, would you look into it?