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    Guys, I just learned of a great way to save money on groceries and household items with Google Express. It's too great of a deal not to share.

    A. Sign up for a Gmail account

    1. Go to Google Express at:

    Log In

    2. Sign up for Free 90-day Trial (select $10 per month) with your gmail account and credit card.
    3. Buy $15 worth of whatever you want from any of the dozens of participating retailers (you must purchase at least $15 from any one retailer to receive free express shipping)
    4. Enter promo code EPLX7T2AZ at checkout. $15 will be deducted from subtotal.
    5. Order should arrive in 1-2 days.

    Cancel your membership within 90 days and you will not be charged a penny!! But I recommend NOT cancelling until close to the 90th day because you will probably place more orders when all your coupons start coming in from Google.

    Also, if you receive a friends and family referral code from Google Express and share it with others, they will receive $15 off their first order when they sign up for a Google Express membership (free 90-day trial going on now!!) AND you will earn $15 off future orders. Keep sharing, and keep earning!!

    The items in my photo were delivered to my home overnight and cost $45 out of pocket

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