Save Your Money From Fancy Cat & Dog Kibble

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    May 10, 2016
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    A responsible pet owner is always looking forward to provide his/her fido or fluffy with the best nourishment one can afford. For that reason, some pet owners would choose to buy a $12 small bag of medicinal kibble (with pebbles that contain an extensive list of ingredients and rich with glucosamine) instead of the cheaper $5 bag of regular meat,vegetables or chicken kibble.

    But actually, choosing expensive dog or cat kibble is just a waste of money. Why? Because small doses of extra ingredients like Glucosamine, multivitamins, fish oil, lysine and other additives have little to no benefitial effect to your pet's health. Also, feeding your pet only with expensive high doses of multivitaminic formula kibbles could give it rickets.

    That also applies to senior, adult or special breed food. All of those are just marketing gimmicks. A good regular meat, fish or chicken kibble is suitable for all sizes and breeds. An Angora cat, a doberman or a pitbull will enjoy meat regardless if it is featured as pebble, roasted, boiled or raw.