Sharp AF-S60RX 6000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

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    My previous window air conditioner had started to trouble me for quite some time now. The last time a specialist came in, the coil had burned and he asked me to change it for a new one. I grudgingly decided to scavenge the electronic stores that weekend. When I reached the nearby Sharp outlet I saw how outdated my old conditioner had become.

    The shopkeeper introduced me to the various new technologies that these modern air conditioners housed. Considering my need and budget we finally decided to get a Sharp AF-S60RX 6000 BTU Window Air Conditioner for $295. You can get it on Amazon for $130 now. The manager told me that a professional from the Sharp would arrive and install the A.C in the evening.

    The first positive response from the A.C came along with the technician from Sharp. The guy was very cordial and spoke in polite tones. He even helped me to uninstall my old Hitachi A.C from its place at the same time inquiring me about what had gone wrong. This showed the staff's zeal to attain more and more knowledge. The 3 month journey I have had with the A.C has been purely pleasurable.
    I found that the A.C was very light weight and compact in size. I was quite happy about this because of the fact that at the time of installation I was living in a small cramped up apartment. The small A.C left a lot of space in the window for me to look outside on lovely rainy days. Had it been large like most Window A.Cs I would have had to sacrifice my view.

    I must tell you that the style and ergonomic appeal were just marvelous. Usually windows A.Cs are not that good on the look statement with squared out box designs. I was elated to see the carved out design at the contours and the thin bezel on the sides. I have not seen anything like it in anyone's place. I even liked the grills which were permanently slanted in a scientific fashion. This I later experienced, significantly reduced the maintenance cost of the A.C and prevented insides from extra dust. I had to provide very less time to wash the filter.

    Once, during a get-together, my place was crowded up. It was the scorching summer months and in the fuss of arrangement I forgot to increase the A.C. Later when everyone arrived I forgot about the temperature. But to my surprise, when everyone left I found that the A.C had automatically changed its settings to sense the appropriate temperature in the room. I was so elated about the fact that I did not have to worry much about the temperature control.
    I did not buy any new heavy appliances that month. So, estimating a little here and there the electricity bill should have remained the same. But, guess what? The bill went down by a large degree. I was exhilarated at the energy efficiency of the device considering that my new Sharp was of double the capacity. It had a four star rating of energy efficiency which is hard to come by in heavy appliances.

    A great thing I noticed later was the range of my A.C. I was standing inches away from the A.C after a particularly exhaustive day. What I noticed was that it was cooling all 4 sides of my face. And that too not one at a time like the traditional A.C but at the same time. No wonder my room cooled up so fast. As a side note I would like to add that on a hot day the A.C cooled down my room to perfection at an average time of 6 minutes.

    Unlike many A.Cs in the market that I know about, the remote of this A.C is the best. It carried the simplest command that I could instantly grasp. The remote was small and snuggled comfortably in my hand. The range I registered was about 20 feet. I was easily able to adjust the temperature from my sofa sitting on the other side of the room. This A.C is perfect for anyone who is not so tech-savvy.
    I found that the filter provided, was washable. This helped me in cleaning up the interior very fast and setting up my A.C back on track in no time. This is a unique feature that has not arrived on every A.C yet.

    All in all I am very happy to have bought this A.C. It has been three months and there has been no complaint from my side. This A.C has significantly taken care of my conditioning needs. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to buy a budget A.C.