Short-Link Advertising: How Can We (Members AND Owners) Get More Sponsors?

Discussion in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions started by mythman • May 9, 2014.

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    ---the program that pays me to redirect shared links past an ad-page (or 'through a frame with an ad-banner on top' ... I'm also a member of HitBucks, and I know of a few others).


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    , but I only remember ever seeing "Open Download Manager" ad-pages & "Make Money with AdFly" ad-banners. I wonder why there isn't a wider array of sponsors clamoring for the spotlight, and I have these hypotheses:
    1. It may just be that those two advertisers are 'on my cookie,' that AdFly will not give my machine any ads but those, or
    2. no ad-buyers believe their ads will be shown on the machines of 'anyone looking to buy' ... that their only audience will be 'money-hungry kiddie-crackers only using the redirect to earn "credit for having seen it."

    So--to get more ad-buyers on AdFly--we (members and owners) should:
    1. take a hint from television-networks---we know that "advertising" is their 'bread-&-butter,' but they are all-about "news & entertainment." And that's what their sponsors love about them! Because people typically don't want to watch 'advertising,' and they only sit through it because of the quality of the entertainment/news!
    2. BUY the advertising (and advertise 'what you do in the real world,' NOT what you do online ... you might think "but all I do IS online!' to which I reply 'Oh really? You go to restaurants online with a USB-port in your mouth, go to the gym online, and stay warm by pressing yourself against your hard-drive?' I guess what I'm saying is, Life happens offline, Advertise life!)

    Any otheer suggestions?

    I feel the need to note that there are no 'short-links' in this post.