Side hustling while pursuing your dream

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    Jun 14, 2014
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    All my life, I've been passionate about music and dreamed of becoming a full-time performer. For many years, I pushed this dream aside while I toiled at a "real" job in exchange for the peace and security a regular paycheck and health insurance brings. Now, thirteen years later, I finally left my job to pursue my passion for music.

    Thankfully, my husband has a good job with health insurance, but it's not quite enough to make ends meet for the whole family. That's where "side hustling" comes in. Have you ever heard the term? It sounds a little shady, like I'm selling drugs or something, but really it's all quite on the up-and-up.

    I earn money side hustling by using apps such as Gigwalk and EasyShift, plus I also do a lot of jobs as a secret shopper. Most of these jobs are just walking into businesses and taking pictures, making a small purchase, or listening to a sales pitch. You can take a bunch of jobs in a week if you're not busy with something else, or if you're busy or just want a break, you don't have to take any of them. It's so much more flexible than having a part-time job, where you have to answer to a boss and adhere to a set schedule.

    Anyone else here doing a little side hustling while they chase their dreams?
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    I have heard of side hustling. Essence magazine has a regular column that features side hustling. Sometimes it's odd jobs on the side and other times, it's starting a business part-time.

    I'm happy for you that you started pursuing your passion. I currently sell insurance and I really want to leave that profession behind me. I am working on my own side hustle, but it's in the form of a small business.