Simple Investing Apps, My Recommendations (betterment, Futureadvisor, Robinhood)

Discussion in Retirement Plans started by Penny • Jun 24, 2015.

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    Jun 23, 2015
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    I am no huge expert but have picked up a few things over the last few years and would be interested an hearing what people think.

    My main retirement savings is my work 401k. But also started looking at simplified investing tools to diversify. I put a few hundred dollars in each of the following to see how they went.

    So far my best experiences have been with:

    1) Betterment -- this is an investment plan you can start with just a few dollars. They are your goals and risk tolerance an invest in a balanced portfolio that is earning about 4% right now.

    2) Robinhood -- This allows you to by individual stock with no trading fee. So it becomes affordable to get one or tow stocks at a time. By investing in large companies I am familiar with I am earning around 3%.

    3) Futureadvisor -- This free app looks at all your investments and gives advice about how to created a balanced portfolio for you goals and risk level. I use it in conjunction with a Fidelity account and it is currently making about 1.8%

    So far I am not sure that any one of these approaches is better than the others because the ones that earn more are also more volatile. but I am learning a lot trying them out and they are all creating return on investment.
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    Nov 10, 2014
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    I think they are all pretty useful approaches and you're probably ahead of 95% of the population by actually looking into it so thoroughly! I also like to use LearnInvest, which helps to educate with articles, in addition to providing useful tools for saving and investing.