Sony HDR-PJ200 Video Recorder

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    I was a proud owner of a great Sony camcorder. But recently on an abroad trip it got stolen and I was totally devastated as the camcorder had captured some of the most important events of my life.
    Being a hardcore Videographer I could not stay away for long and got myself a new Samsung Camcorder from the Amazon online store for $370.
    In this I will list my personal opinion and experiences with the device.
    The first great feature of the camcorder was its compact body and lightweight. With this camcorder I felt as I if I could go on whole day, recording video. My hands never pained from gripping the small curvy build and my shoulders never ached from holding it upright during shoots.
    I found that the zoom was exquisitely perfect. I was sitting on the porch and could record my kids playing in the tree house almost 550 yards away from me. When I later connected it to my television set I found that the zoomed video was absolutely perfect with no grainy or pixilated images. I felt that the zoom of this camera was superior to most of the other video cameras in the same price range.
    Now, the best thing about the camcorder I found was that I was able to project the video on any wall with the help of the inbuilt projector. It was the night of the family get-together. The day was almost ending and I was really excited to show everyone the videos I had captured throughout the day. I darkened the room a bit and turned the in-built projector into an empty wall. Everything was there on the big wall. From the beginning to the very finish. It was a bonding of laughter and tears that I had never experienced.
    Some months later when I and my wife had been to Puerto Rico for a vacation I had left back home my DSLR. So I decided to use the video camcorder in the still capture mode. The Sony HDR captured every aspect of the state in its exact native form. The scenic beaches to the ranges of disposed of broken cars. Each and every image was so beautiful that it was hard to realize that the pictures were taken from a video recorder.
    I was requested by my college friend to be there as a Family Video maker in his wedding. Here I came to realize how awesome my camcorder was. Usually in videos of marriages and engagements you have to move around a lot and this results in a very unstable video. But when I later developed the film I saw that the camcorder had stabilized every frame on its own and the video looked as if a professional had clicked it. I loved this feature as it is not present in many of the video cams available in the market.
    Another thing I loved about the video cam was its beautiful microphone. I fell in love with the audio that it produced. I was on a job tour to Block Island. There I was boarded up in a room with the view of the ocean. I was just making a documentary type movie of my hotel room for whiling away my time. When I connected the camcorder to my television set after coming back home I found that I could hear the roar of the ocean waves. The pick up range was awesome as the ocean was almost 700 yards away.
    I used the camcorder to film a neighborhood barbeque once. It was one of those scorching summer days with a blazing sun. But I noticed while shooting the video that I could easily see the screen. Usually LCD screens become illegible in the sunlight, but my Sony HDR did not give me that problem at all which came as a relief. I also liked the size of the screen which made my temporary viewing beyond pleasurable.
    Probably the only thing that is bad about the device is its inability to shoot better videos in the night. Unlike other Sony Camcorders that I have used, this one does not have the Night Shoot Mode. This makes it almost impossible to get good video quality with just the flash on. At least I was unable to capture my kids playing on the beach during nighttime.
    Otherwise this Camcorder is just a masterpiece. I am discovering more and more features of the device every day. It has not troubled me in any sense at all and has worked for me perfectly well. I would recommend this to everyone who has a knack for making homemade videos or casual video production.