Sound Cutting Out On Turtle Beach Z300

Discussion in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets started by TheJimster • May 28, 2015.

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    Hey guys,

    I recently bought a Turtle Beach Z300 headset because it seemed to fit my criteria perfectly. I was looking for a wireless headset that connected to both my PC and my phone via bluetooth, but didn't compromise on sound quality. I spend a lot of time gaming, so sound quality is very important to me. I am incredibly pleased with the headset, especially the detachable microphone that the headset came with. It has excellent recording quality. However, I have noticed one problem with the headset, and I'm not sure if this is just me, or if it is a problem with all the headsets, but occasionally the headset's sound will cut out at random. It can range from a few seconds to 20 minutes. It makes talking to friends and playing video games impossible. I have noticed that the headset tends to be low on battery when this happens, so that could be the problem.

    I hope you guys might be able to help me,

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    This is more of a shopping blog than a tech support blog, but I think you've explained the issue yourself. When the battery gets low, a wireless headset's connection with whatever device is going to degrade because there's not as much juice to keep things running smoothly. Obviously, you need to start charging your headset more often or stop gaming as much.
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