Special Edition Blu-Ray Box Sets

Discussion in Movies, Music & Games started by DrRipley • Jul 4, 2014.

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    Mar 29, 2012
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    Does anyone here collect or have bought special edition Bluray box sets?

    I've never really liked the idea of buying these since they seem to take up too much space even though I do understand that they are being made to give consumers added value so as we have more incentive to buy physical media as opposed to just buying everything digitally. However, I've been considering it more for my more beloved movies since I think it would be great to watch some of the extras that I otherwise not have seen, and I'm hoping to hear some suggestions from you guys on which movies have the best value in terms of the extras these special editions have. I've heard that some of them offer little to no added extras compared to their regular Bluray counterparts, so hopefully we all could get some recommendations in this thread on which ones go the extra mile in providing added value.