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    We all have special occasions that come up where we want to look our best, whether is be going to a wedding or a dinner at a fancy restaurant. Sometimes, I can't find that special outfit I am looking for in my closet, so I need to go shopping for it. I find that if I have a specific outfit in mind that I want, I am willing to spend more for it than I usually would. I will still keep a number in my head that I'm not willing to go over, but that number is always bigger than what it would normally be if I didn't need it. For example, if I were going to buy a sweater, I normally wouldn't be willing to pay over $20 for it, but if I want a red one for a special dinner, I'd be willing to pay up to $30 if I find one I like. Is anyone else like this when it comes to shopping for a special outfit or do you stick to your original "won't go over" price?
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