Star Wars Best Picture Nominee

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    Yes, this was back in 1977 but I have a funny story that happened just yesterday regarding this film. In the wake of the Academy Awards and some of the snubbing that took place there, don't need to go into what films got snubbed we all have pretty much heard about it by now. Anyway, my sister brought up Star Wars and how back in the day it was snubbed by the Academy because it was Science Fiction. My reaction was, yes many of us thought it would win for best picture that year but lost. My sister's reaction was to say what was I talking about the film wasn't even nominated to begin with, and I told her that yes it was, but lost to Annie Hall.

    Now we picked a very bad time to be having such a disagreement because for most of the day yesterday we were without an Internet connection so we couldn't go to the Internet to find out. I wonder what people did when they had such disagreements before the Internet. Wait, I remember we just kept disagreeing about what actually happened. Anyway, in the end I was vindicated thanks to the Internet. Star Wars was indeed a nominee for Best Picture in 1977 and was nominated for nine awards total, winning six of them. So, my sister had to tell me that she was sorry she doubted me because I was usually right when it came to pop culture.