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    Hello everyone,

    For those who are not aware yet I am here to inform that Born Pretty Store has recently added a beautiful and stylish collection of sunglasses in their store.

    So today I am going to show two of them to you guys.I got them recently from the Born pretty Store for review purpose.

    Here are the ones I got:

    Stylish Square-Frame Sunglasses ($9.50)


    I got these ones in cheetah print. They have brown shade glasses which give the eyes a very cooling effect.

    Apart from that it's quality is amazing.

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    Baroque Sunglasses ($6.32)


    Baroque sunglasses are very trendy nowadays so I decided to give them a try. I got the one in black color.


    I must say that I wasn't really expecting it to have such great quality. I mean what can you get in such a low price. But it's amazing and I am loving it.

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    Overall, I am impressed with both the sunglasses and especially their quality. I am definitely looking forward to try some others from their collection.

    And I recommend you all to check out their collection as well.

    You can view their whole collection

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    Ranking: 10/10

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