Super Easy Way To Clean Microwave Ovens

Discussion in Home & Garden started by gata montes • Sep 12, 2016.

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    Microwave ovens are I'm sure you would agree one of the most used kitchen appliances - however although used frequently - as the cleaning of them is often quite the opposite and sometimes even neglected until an untimely food explosion leaves no option but to tackle the task - they can quickly turn into very unhygienic places - particularly as general everyday food spills, splatters and baked on grime are a favorite breeding ground for bacterial growth.

    Which as that can multiply at an alarming rate without even being noticed and is not only bad for our health but can produce unpleasant odors as well as decrease the efficiency of the microwave - it is extremely important to clean a microwave regularly and thoroughly.

    Fortunately this doesn't have to be a time consuming task - as for those that don't already know - one of the best and most effective ways of guaranteeing that your microwave is spotlessly clean and not breeding bacteria - is to give the inside “ a lemon steam bath “ - the reasons being that - as lemons have natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties as well as grease busting, odor reducing and stain removing properties - the steam will not only kill the bacteria in the whole of the microwave including the vents - but it also makes the interior grime easy to wipe off with a cloth.

    All of which can easily be done in under ten minutes - just by

    Half filling a microwave-safe bowl with water
    Add a lemon cut either in half or in quarters
    Microwave until the contents boil and have started steaming
    Once boiled - switch off and allow to stand - without opening the door - for around 5 minutes

    After which time - unplug the microwave - open the door and wipe down the inside with a cloth and hey presto - you will have a sparkling clean germ free microwave.

    I would just add - that although replacing the lemon with vinegar or baking soda will do the exact same job in the sense - that both will make your microwave look sparkly clean - if wanting to be absolutely sure that your microwave is not a breeding ground for bacteria lemon is very definitely the better choice.
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    I always give my microwave a wipe out after each cooking when I wash the dishes and wipe down the sides in my kitchen. I have a spray antibacterial cleanser which I spray inside and then wipe over with a clean cloth. Using a lemon is a good idea but I don't always have one to hand, I tend to only think of buying lemons when I am going to use them for actual cooking or on salads.
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    I clean my microwave and wash the food cover regularly. I use an environmentally friendly antibacterial spray which is orange scented so my microwave is generally healthy. I am wondering however about the possible effects of the acidity of the lemon on the interior of the microwave.
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    Depending on what I have, I usually have either white vinegar or lemons. I usually use my coffee maker to boil really hot water. When there is about an inch of water in the coffee pot, I add with about three tablespoon, half a lemon, or both. Once it's really hot, I use that water to clean my microwave, microwave oven, and most of the kitchen.