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    This is something I got for my Mom awhile back.
    Have you ever seen those space saver coat hanger racks? You hang your clothes on them, then they fold down, and save you a lot of space? This is the concept with the Swivvel Store. It is designed for your spices. You put all of your spices in the rack, then you can pull it out and turn it so that it faces you. It looked super cool on TV, so I decided to buy one.

    When you get them in real life, they are so much smaller than they appeared on TV. Half of my mom's spices were too big to even fit in there. They only hold about 5 spices per shelf.
    I ordered it from an as seen on TV site, where it was supposed to be $19.99 + shipping. It was also buy 1 get 1 free. It sounded like a good deal. I ended up paying 81.00+ for two.
    It was no worth it at all. I wouldn't recommend this product. I saw one at Wal Mart for 19.99 (they can't rip you off there), which was ok. If you are a small time cook, with only a few spices, it might be ok. Honestly though, they are so hard to maneuver and work with, it just doesn't seem worth it. If they would have spent a little more money MAKING the product, it might be better. It seems like an expensive flemsy piece of plastic to me. You can check out a video for it here:

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    I would give this product a 4/10 rating.
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