The 4G Rover Hub for internet at home

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    I know we all love internet and are always looking to find a way to save money. At least everyone in my family is. Have you ever heard of the Rover Puck or the Rover Hub? I like the puck but love the hub more. It's a great way to pay as you go for internet service. Usually with the amount of usage we use at home I can spend $20.00 a month and still have data left sometimes. Either way, it's way less than we paid for Time Warner Cable internet service or AT&T too.

    With the Rover Hub 4G Internet service, you can connect on your own terms and choose your own plan with no commitments. Of course remembering that you must have 4G coverage. Simply connect the Rover Hub to your computer, select the plan that’s right for you and you’re good to go. Purchasing this device cost us $99.99. The hub is compatible with Mac and PC devices as well as being able to hook it up to a wireless router and sharing your 4G service with up to 8 other WiFi-enabled devices. I love the Rover Hub for that reason also. Who else can give you access to 8 other devices with a low monthly payment and no contract?

    If you already have one you know what I am talking about. You get fast, great service. If you have problems or can not figure something out their customer service is always super helpful. They will even give you courtesy credits sometimes for your troubles. The device is super easy to use also. There is nothing to be afraid of if you want to try one out. I would say go for it. There is no need to wait to save money and get good service when it's right here, right now.

    You can even play games from the Xbox or 360 and not experience any lagging. I'm a great example of one who experiments with movies and games. Neither one have left me at disappointments. They all play great. I guess being in a 4g area has a lot to do with it. There is not a single complaint I have about this product. Thanks for giving me the chance to talk about it.

    I want to find others who have used it or are currently using one? Please let me know what you think.