The Ads You Hate To See...

Discussion in As Seen on TV started by AgentD22 • Aug 3, 2016.

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    Nov 4, 2012
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    I totally agree with you about some of the ads for fast food, some of them get on my nerves too. There are a couple in particular, but I won't go into any great detail about them.

    The other commercials that really get under my skin, are the ads that talk about certain skin creams to cure acne, and then they display several huge pimple-infested faces and backs across the screen to get their point across (I understand they have to get their point across, but come on). These ads seem to happen a lot during the lunch hour, which I think is ridiculous, but I guess polls have shown that a large part of the target audience that they as advertisers are marketing to- are watching TV around that time.

    The other ads I don't like are the ones that show the overly graphic cleft lips, and the animal cruelty ads. Ugh.