The Antec 300 Computer Chassis/Case

Discussion in Product Reviews started by BrianDouglas • Nov 2, 2012.

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    Hello fellow shoppers, Friends don't let Friends Pay Full. I got this case for 70 dollars on eBay, and it now is about $50. Today I will share with you my review of the antec 300 PC case and give you my own personal list of pros and cons. This case has been very good to me, and

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    in depth for those of you who decide they want an even deeper look at what makes this case so special to me.

    Pros of the Antec 300:

    The case runs very cool, temps I would expect at idle are granted to me on load as well, it is hard to get it hot in there. It now comes with 4 pre-installed fans (in the past, owners had to add-in themselves). They are variable speed. A slot to add a fifth in the side door. A plus added for that, though I still haven't put mine in. :p

    The variable speed of the fans allows me to keep positive air pressure - very good for expelling dust, rather than intaking it.

    The Antec 300 PC case was 70 dollars when I got it, it is now about 50 at the best prices I can find. The sheer quality of this case, the key features highlighted in my written review, make this case the highest quality case in the +100 dollar realm for me, let alone in the 50-70 dollar areas.

    3 of the fans are 120mm, the one on the top of the case is 140mm - it's very quiet. I can basically only hear my cooler, and I should get a quieter one, but it's not bad.

    Cons of the Antec 300:

    Cable management. It's easy to tuck the cables into unused drive bays, with ample space there to do so, and it looks fine, and could look great with extenders, but I would have liked to have put them behind the motherboard tray.

    USB ports on the front and are sturdy and work, but if you check some of your USB chords and devices, you will see that some have a bigger "center plastic" piece - some of those are hard to push into the front USB ports, but it's not a big deal, all usb drives, extensions, and chargers I own plug in smoothly, and only my headset needs to plugged into the back.

    All truth, 100 percent: This is the best PC case I have ever owned, and I am a computer guy. It is not flashy lookng, but the light up fans show it isn't plain. It is elegant and sleek for a PC case, and the Antec 300 is my favorite for the reasons outlined here and in my full written review. The case is bottom-line, residing next to the 302, the 600, the 900, and the 1200, but it seems it's all mostly aesthetic, and the antec 300 is my favorite in that department as well, but it's I guess down to taste - I don't like transformers PC, some people do. I think they are awesome, I just like my PC case to be sleek and elegant.
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    I have it also. I like the cable management, it also keeps my components very cold. But the front "door" on this case broke down, because of the plastic things that kept it closed. They looked pretty cheap. As you said, it is elegant. I bought an blue neon light to the front, and it looks really cool. The case even feels really cold on the motherboard side. I have the fans that came with it.