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Discussion in Books, eBooks & Audio Books started by Jason76 • Oct 24, 2017.

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    What places do you all find the cheapest? Which places have the best bargain for the price? Which place has the best quality with the price not being considered? Myself, I go to Booksamillion, but I haven't really considered whether or not it has good savings. I'd have to do more shopping there and at its competitor Barnes and Noble, as well, consignment shops, flea markets, wherever else books are found.
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    I never buy books new anymore, and when I am looking for a regular paper book to read or buy, I shop at the thrift store, used book store, and at yard sales. Most of the time, I read ebooks on my Kindle. I watch t the Kindle store for new ebooks that are free, or very cheap, plus I subscribe to both Bookbub and Book Gorilla.
    Once you fill out a profile of the kind of books you want to read, they send an email each day to let you know which bargains are available, or on sale that day.
    I also use Amazon Prime Reading, and Overdrive to borrow books to read. Overdrive works with any library that you have a library card on file with, and you check out the ebook just like you would a regular library book; but there is no late fees because at the end of the two week loan, the book just disappears.
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    Have you tried, yet? The genres are huge, plus, there is a free e-book section too. You're invited where I've published my e-books, and it's so simple to get the free e-books too. It's so good that you can find free things online today. At we have a big list of free e-books for you to enjoy as well as fee e-books. Enjoy at! Happy Holidays!!
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