The COX Bundle: Now $20 CHEAPER than When I Started with Them? The Price of Loyalty

Discussion in Phone, Internet & TV started by mythman • Jul 30, 2014.

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    I got an offer (probably by mass-mail) from COX Communications for their bundle (cable-, phone- & Internet) services for $79.99 a month. Granted, that's probably something like their basic charge---possibly there's additional regular charges for the availability of technical-services, and then there's all the tax-charges (state, FCC, etc.).

    Having subscribed for about 10 years, they probably give me priority when I have an outage or something; but when I started with them the charge was ninety-nine ninety-nine ($20 MORE). I looked at

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    , and saw that even their most-expensive package is less than I'm paying for a package similar to their mid-level package.

    I called COX (because I wanted to check & make sure my bill was twice as big last month because I hadn't paid the month before ... another reward for loyalty---they trust you more), and--since I was calling anyway--I asked why my bill isn't closer to the size of the bundle-offers. I expected the agent to tell me about all the additional services I had added-on over the years, but he told me, "Oh, that's just for new customers:rolleyes:"

    :mad: I very-carefully asked him 'Why?' (i.e. 'This is just out of curiosity, but ...') He told me, "I don't know, company-policy or something."

    Now, I'm not complaining about it---I'm just fine paying a little bit more because they don't need to 'convince' me that their services are worth it (and I guess I have 'tenure'---no contract to break if I switch to AT&T or some other big bundle-offering company). But ... should I?