The Gym Company (za) -- And Just About Every Gym Out There.

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    Jul 20, 2017
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    You can scarcely walk through a public place without being accosted by one of their reps. After the tenth time of them hassling you, you finally agree to let them show you the gym. They give you a nice guided tour of its facilities, you're impressed, then you let them tell you more.

    They take you to a nice little office, and explain the terms to you:

    -they tell you that you can let other people make use of your membership (a blatant lie)
    -they don't care what your financial situation is, or whether you can afford it (unethical, in my opinion)
    -they give you cheap quote (without telling you that it's subject to frequent increments)
    -they conveniently neglect to tell you the duration of the contract, and that you cannot unilaterally terminate it.

    Sound great, so you eagerly sign.

    That's when they show you their true colours. But hey, this is the capitalism we wanted, right?