The Illusionist - Would Mentioning "jesus" Be A Spoiler?

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    No, "Jesus" doesn't make an appearance in

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    . Not "exactly."

    Though the title-character does build up a following & disappear after the authorities accuse him of a crime & try to take him away.

    The 'Illusionism' kinda shows how it's just easier to believe the 'myth' (that the main character is now 'with' the love-interest because they're both in the afterlife together) than -to worry about the 'physical truth' (in which the main character is 'with' the love-interest because ... well, does it matter?)

    The illusion is just sort of a 'flash-bang' to "convince you of the truth" (i.e. not necessarily 'to make you believe it's true,' but more 'to get you to accept it as fact because somebody thought it was a truth worth dying/disappearing-for).

    The illusionist's truth? that he & the love-interest are together forever. Jesus' truth? that man is the child of God.

    ... (This movie is "worth the fee" because it teaches you the lesson I just summarized.)