The movie " Last Dinner"

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    This morning I turned on the tv and there was a movie that was on. I watched if for a few minutes because it was a movie I had never heard of and it immediantly caught my attention. I watched about a half hour of it before I had to turn it off because the kids were waking up. The plot was these 5 roommates, decided they would start inviting people over for dinner. These people did not agree with them on issues of literature, gays, and religious beliefs. If they could not get there dinner guest to change there mind and be a better person in there mind, then they would serve them desert and kill them. Then, they took there bodies out to the garden and planted tomato plants all over there unmarked graves.

    It was such a odd thing and the movie was going to be on again later so I decided to record it so this afternoon I can watch the entire thing. They discussed things like the morality of killing people that do contribute to the greater good of society.

    I am just curious if anyone else has heard of this movie and based on the description I gave you, the only half hour of the movie I saw, what are your thoughts on this?