The Necessity of a Mission Statement - Sort of a 'Why Are We Here'?

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    I've been on

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    for a long time (I've entered over 6300 bills), and I think it's because I feel like it's a "mission" to ... do something. To try & find out what that 'mission' is, I tried to look it up; & the closest I found was 'the mission-statement for Dollar Tree, Inc. and/or -for the FAMILY DOLLAR stores' (I forget whether they're the same entity).

    But I think 'having a mission' is the best way to unite a 'workforce' (i.e. a group of people who can work together to acheive a singular purpose). I might GUESS that the DontPayFull mission-statement would be 'to make the marketplace more-efficient.' That's why I come here with 'ideas on how to get discounts on the things you need,' 'ideas about how to need less (in order to GET more to spend on things you DON'T need ;) ) etc.

    So I Guess my question(s) is/are "What do you think about the need for a mission-statement?" & "What's the mission-statement HERE?" and other questions that'll come up in discussion.
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    Apr 13, 2015
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    I learn a lot from people who share great ideas about saving money. I also am on a look out for bargains, online marketing avenues and information. Don' is an accommodating, family-friendly community. And I can easily relate to people, here, whom I can identify with their financial situations.

    Mainly, it's a trustworthy site I find relevant to many financial and everyday practical issues we all face.
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    The Don' is a nice place to learn about financial prudence and frugality as well as opportunities. One thing rarely taught in school is financial literacy for the majority who have not undertaken courses in a related discipline. I think the foundation for financial healing starts here.