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    If you are in the United Kingdom and like entering competitions or contests then you might like to visit a website called The Prize Finder.

    The site lists all of the best competitions on the UK and also lists prizes in different categories to make them easier to find. For instance, if you are interested in music and film, then you can try that category to see what is available.

    You'll find the competitions with the longest entry dates listed first; the further you go back, the shorter the time left to enter.

    All of the competitions I found were still in date, and new competitions are listed all of the time.

    If you are thinking of signing up then it's best to have an email address just for the competitions as sometimes you'll get added to mailing lists or entry to the competition requires signing up for a newsletter or updates.

    You can find the site by going to:

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    Win Prizes | UK Competitions | The Prize Finder[/url]
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