The White House Is Actually Doing Something about Corporate Loopholes!

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    , basically the practice of co-owning a corporation with partners in countries with lower taxes, and so paying the lower rate rather than America's rate (but still taking advantage of American systems).

    As the White House's blog explains, President Obama has submitted paperwork that efficiently eliminates this loophole.

    But Obama's approval-rating is still insufficient. Why? not because of the economy (which--all things considered--is actually improving), but because of worldwide chaos! An article in Sunday's

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    says, "Americans, blessed with a mostly happy history, tend to take fundamental order for granted. They tend to recoil & rebel when things spin out of control.... Which brings us to today.... Important government agencies are malfunctioning ... The president, in-between fundraisers, has time for a photo-op playing pool in Colorado, but not for one on the border (doing anything about the illegal immigrants).... First things first."

    So the president is revealed as not-exactly "the most-powerful man on the planet," but rather 'the backseat-driver-in-chief.'