The World Cup is getting really close!

Discussion in Sports & Fitness started by isabbbela • May 31, 2014.

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    Hello guys!
    So I guess everyone and their mother are aware this year the Soccer/Football World Cup is in Brazil. Well, that happens to be the country I live in.
    Whereas I'm excited for the event, I'm both frustrated and scared as well. Brazil is not on the right moment to host something like this. The Cup costed A LOT to our country because as always the government is a mix of poor planning+public robbery so it's never a combination that works or pleases the population.
    Most Brazilians share the opinion that the money invested on stadiums and games should instead be spent in education and health. That is a public fact. We need to improve those areas urgently, not build pretty stadiums!
    I'm also scared because a good parcel of the population is pretty mad about what I just told you, so I would predict some public protests happening in the middle of the Cup. And while most people that protest are peaceful, there are always those that go in the middle of the protests to bring havoc and take advantage of the situation. And of course, world events like that are always an opportunity for criminals to come to the surface as well.
    I'm really hoping it all goes well and nothing bad happens, but I feel the responsibility our country has right now in front of the whole world, and I feel the pressure!
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    The world cup sure is costly to host but I'm thinking that the influx of tourists will be good for your country. Most people will spend a LOT of money in your country. So though it feels like your tax money was not spent properly, the cash that will be pumped into the pockets of businessmen and those lucky enough can still be used [once the recipients are taxed] for development projects.

    p.s Unluckily though I looked forward to watching the world cup, commitments of sorts won't permit to. Too bad I'll miss all the fun.
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    While it's true that there will be a massive boost to the economy for about a month, it's difficult to see how it balances out with regards to how much was spent. In theory countries are meant to benefit from these events because their infrastructure is massively improved in the process and then subsequent tax via tourism can be channeled into health and education projects but as far as I can see it's just been very poorly managed and it is a huge number of about 60% of public promises towards infrastructure that have just not been fulfilled.

    I really get the feeling that the world cup has simply highlighted the existing problems and that world cup or no, there would have eventually been some form of protesting anyway. so bearing that in mind, and this may seem a bit controversial, but maybe in a way the world cup has been a good thing in that it has acted as a catalyst for change in a country that seems to desperately want it.
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