They Report Robin Williams Dead, I Respond that Now He Is Perfected!

Discussion in Movies, Music & Games started by mythman • Aug 12, 2014.

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    that comedian actor Robin Williams was found dead Monday morning in his Marin County home, from asphyxia (suspected suicide, but the Marin County Sheriff's Office is investigating).

    I know we should now focus on

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    , but I suppose that considering his death helps us to cherish life's work even more (both his life's work, and our own with the reminder that 'there is a time-limit, an end after which no more of our works can be given for the world to enjoy').

    As kitchencatlover has already asked what your favorite Robin Williams film is (at the second link above), I'll ask instead what your favorite Robin Williams quote is---your favorite line from one of his shows or films.

    I'm sure he's said a lot of good stuff (in Disney's Aladdin, in Good Will Hunting, in The Crazy Ones etc.), but the one line that sticks in my mind is the simple, energetic, hope-inspiring (if you consider the conditions of the story in which he said it), "Good morning, Vietnam!"