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Discussion in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks started by Mika • Jan 15, 2015.

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    runs on Sprint towers and offers free Verizon roaming. They charge based on what you use in a month, but it's on a

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    . If you're like me and use a bunch of minutes each month, and not much else, then it's a wonderful alternative. Not to mention, they're no contract!

    Example scenario:
    1 phone, 2000 texts, 100 minutes, 100MB of data = about $21. This is

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    I usually fall in each month.

    But what if you want more texts and more minutes?
    1 phone, 4800 texts, 1000 minutes, 100MB of data = about $40. Still not too bad.

    If you use a lot of data and/or make more than 80 hours worth of calls per month (about 2.5 hours a day), this definitely isn't the plan for you. I'd recommend StraightTalk's unlimited plan in that case.

    Another great thing about this is you can have multiple phones on one plan and still be charged inside the tiers. Each new device adds $6 to the monthly bill. So let's say you and your partner both share a plan, you both use 500 minutes each month, 2000 texts, and 200MB of data. This is for each of you. It would cost about $55. That's $55 for two phones or $27.50 each.

    The down side is that you have to buy your own phone. You can bring over any Sprint phone. Don't have one?

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    to find what phones are able to be brought over. I bought a Galaxy S3 off of

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    for $100 - practically brand new.

    They also have a

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    . Each new person you refer will give you a $25 credit to your account, along with giving them a free $25 for joining. As much as I would love to help you out with getting a free $25 credit, I'm don't think I would be allowed to link my referral.

    If you have decent Sprint Service (or no sprint service and plenty of Verizon - like I do) then I would suggest giving

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    a try.