Tips For Making Your Clothes Last Longer

Discussion in Fashion & Apparel started by Denis Hard • May 22, 2014.

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    To make my sweaters last longer I wash them by hand or on a gentle cycle in the washing machine. I always lay my sweater flat to dry on a sweater rack. The heat of a dryer I find can shrink nice sweaters and cause pilling, so laying sweaters to dry will help them stay nice longer. I also separate my clothes so my whites stay white and add some oxiclean in every few washes. It really brightens white clothes. I try and hang jeans up to dry as well, this way they won't fade too quickly. I also wash them inside out so you don't get that white crease line down the leg from the washer or the dryer.
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    Here are my tips for making your clothes last longer:

    1. Hand wash them if you can. Many clothes shrink after repeated washing especially if it is washed in the washing machine and then the dryer after. If you have the time and energy, wash your clothes by hand. You effectively safe water, energy and your clothes in the process.

    2. Separate them. This one is timeless. White with whites, color with colors and delicates with delicates.

    3. Do not wash your jeans often. In fact, wash them as often as once a month. This can help in maintaining their form and shape.

    4. Use a detergent that's ecofriendly.

    5. Do not iron clothes to prevent accidental burns.
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