Tips For Namecheap Cyber Monday

Discussion in Software PC & Mac started by Theo • Nov 28, 2015.

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    Aug 18, 2014
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    I managed to get a few deals on Namecheap, but you have To Be Fast and be prepared as each offer lasts an hour or until the coupons are gone. You can get a .com, .net, or .org for $0.98, but they can go in minutes. Set it up in your basket ready to check out (so either sign in or create an account) and then when the new code is revealed, cut and paste it.

    I also got hosting for a year for $0.98, so here you need a domain already and then click the special buy now button in the deal box. This one you can't prepare for, but have a domain to link it to.

    There are also .xyz domains for $0.25 so it's a good time to buy and the offers rotate hourly.