Tips to save on infant formula

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    When I had my baby, I was worried about how I was going to pay for formula. I knew that breasts seeing was the cheapest and healthiest option, but I had some difficulty after a few months and had to switch to formula. I found a couple ways to save some money on formula through these:

    Similac - I signed up for Similac StrongMoms and I became a Gold member for free. They gave me a coupon to take to my hospital where I gave birth for a free bag with a can of formula inside (and more random freebies inside). In addition, Every month they sent me coupons ranging from $20-$25 for formula. That's like getting one for free!

    Enfamil - I signed up for their Family Beginings Program where they also sent me samples of formula. From what I remember, they sent me two cans and around 10 of the to-go formula packets. They also sent me around $25 worth of coupons every month for a year.

    Hope this helps you parents out there save!
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    I got a lot of samples and coupons from the P&G website including packets of formula. I also attended open free classes at Babies R us and such where they give gifts to the moms and most of the time there are milk samples in there too. Other than that breast feeding for as long as possible.