Tissue Season

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    It's winter time and the season for flu, and so many people are sick. Most of the time it is children, but never you. Then it happens, germs have found their way into your body and now your sick. You have that runny stuffy nose that won't stop. You find yourself at work and all they have is dry toilet paper to wipe your nose with or even better they have those hard brown paper towels. You walk to the mirror during your break and you just noticed that Santa's reindeer, Rudolph, has gotten left behind.

    There is a cure for that sore broken skin on your nose and it's at Walgreen's. They have a sale going on right know for Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue buy one get one free, from the small 50 ply tissues to 160 ply tissues. The sale is running until Feb. 7th so hurry and treat your nose to some relief. I know I just did.