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    For a couple years I've been a customer of an online website called The Great Courses.

    Basically, it's an organization that partners with experts from a wide variety of subjects (science, math, history, art, psychology, cooking, music, business, and more) and produces video and audio lectures. They strive to be the standard of quality online visual and audial educational content, and most of the time they hit their mark. Alot of their stuff is really top notch, and would require an enrollment in college to get the same level of expert instruction. There is a customer review section you can use to see what people think about a course you might be interested in.

    One thing I like about the Great Courses is the scope and the level of detail that some of their courses have. We're talking, like 48 hour-long lectures on a historical subject I might be interested in.

    Oh, yea. The way the great courses works is that, every month they have a handful of content on "sale," meaning that you can get it at a reasonable price, usually between $40-$120 depending on the size of the course. If you want to buy a course when it's not on the sales floor, so to speak, they'll ask for like $700 or something outrageous like that. I don't know. Colleges bone you like that too for quality information and instruction.

    I bought Professor William Kloss' lecture series on European Art for my grandmother a couple years ago, and she and I have both really liked it. He does a great job.

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    This is a great site to know, I haven't known about this before, but it looks like this would be really great for someone who's got the extra money and extra time. But I think for someone who's got not much money, I think this isn't really going to sound pleasing, considering that this is a course that after you bought, you'd still have to study it on your own.