Toyrific Mercedes-benz Sls 6v Electric Ride - £90

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    "Is there anything more exciting than receiving your very first car? What if that car was a Mercedes-Benz SLS? With a real working steering wheel, pedal, headlights and horn, this Mercedes Electric Toy Car ride-on you can give your child that feeling! It's a mini Mercedes soft-top with room for one and is officially licensed, so it looks just like the real thing! With a top speed of 2.5km/h kids eill get all the thrill of driving without the chance of crashes and, with reverse gear as well, they can even practise their parking!"

    This is priced at £100 almost everywhere but you can get it for just £90. This is a limited time discount so if you are interested, you will have to purchase it quickly. This is unfortunately for United Kingdom residents only. This will be a great gift for anyone with a boy or even a girl that loves cars.

    You can buy it from here:

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    And use the following discount to get £10 off: TDX-YGHR