Tpp Trade Deal: Secret Trans Pacific Partnership

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    What do you think of this?

    Anything that would harm our freedom of choice of pure raw food and natural supplements, NO Big Pharma drugs: Secretive TPP law-makers of this trade deal from the Obama administration do not shy away from pushing through trade monopoly worldwide.

    Mike Adams, Natural News founding editor doesn't kiss and tell. He, at the

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    speaks the truth as they are. Here's an excerpt from the news article I read this morning, which Mike Adams wrote.

    Quote excerpt: "Public Citizen

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    and encourage even more patent abuse by Big Pharma.
    The TPP is believed to contain provisions that could:
    • Strongly promote the

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    , both of which occupy the top positions of the "most evil corporations" on the planet.
    • Destroy the Second Amendment and restrict the sales of firearms and ammunition to the public, as warned by

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    • Outlaw GMO labeling nationwide.
    • Destroy the natural supplements marketplace by criminalizing vitamins, herbs and superfood supplements.
    • Criminalize the saving of seeds without corporate approval, effectively turning seed sharing operations into "criminal enterprises" subject to armed raids by the federal "seed police." For the record,

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    Learn more:

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    Any good news behind those dark clouds?