Travel Agents Overspending?

Discussion in Travel started by SLTE • Sep 4, 2015.

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    Sep 3, 2015
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    When I went on my honeymoon we enlisted the help of a travel agent, as we were flying overseas, standing in one city for a week, and then going on a three week bus tour. As such there were a ton of details involved that my wife and I just didn't want to handle. The travel agent was helpful in that sense...

    ... but in 'saving us money' I'm pretty sure she went with some more expensive options, somewhat on the sly, that bumped up her fee in the end. She booked us on a more expensive flight than I'd hoped for, for example, and the difference was probably negligible compared to a lesser airline. (Though having a TV was nice, I guess, but I didn't use it that much. Also didn't get to sit next to my wife, but, let's not quibble.) She also stuffed us into a rather pricey hotel, one that we spent barely any time in, and I didn't really see the breakdown until after the fact.

    Anyone else have similar experiences with travel agents? Or is it my fault for not paying more attention to the breakdown?