Travel By Taxi Cheaper Than Car?

Discussion in Travel started by ExpertAdvice • Sep 9, 2015.

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    Sep 5, 2014
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    Is it cheaper to travel by taxi than to travel by car?

    This question came to my mind the other day as I realized that several of the professionals that I know, despite being able to afford gas, insurance and all the other expenses related to the upkeep of a car, as well as themselves owning an experienced driver's licence...they've been choosing to be driven around via taxi instead.

    At first, I thought, "well, what's the point of doing that if you have to be paying by the hour?" But then, I came to also think that perhaps these people are doing the "smarter thing", in that they don't have to pay for gas, car insurance and the other things I highlighted earlier, that would come with them having to maintain their own vehicles.

    So, my question to you, therefore, is: Does it actually work out to be cheaper to be driven by taxi/cab, rather than to count the expense of maintaining your own vehicle? Or is it more or less the same difference?

    Please, let me know!

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    yeah i do agree on this they do in a smarter way, specially if you are on are solo traveler and don't have much info about that region's path instead of google maps. Taxi driver is a local person of required region and could make it easier to you also could help you to save your time... If you pay him for the full day. I als did the same thing during my niagara falls tour.