Using E-coupons And Loyalty Cards At Stores.

Discussion in Online Shopping started by Happyflowerlady • Oct 7, 2017.

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    Many stores nowdays offer loyalty cards that give you discounts for products, and some stores also offer e-coupons that you can load to the card, or to your online account for the store . While this is not exactly the same as online shopping, it is a part of shopping that is done online with your computer or tablet, and then the coupon is used when you are shopping at the store.
    Locally, we have a Kroger grocery that offers a loyalty card, and there are always discounts on items at the store when you use your card at the checkout counter.
    I also go online and load up all of the e-coupons that I think I might use, and that way I never have to print or cut out coupons and remember to take them along with me to the store.
    I really like this way of having coupons and wish that more stores did this.
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    Aug 18, 2014
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    Many cards are offering the ability to load coupons on the card or to allow you to use any credit on the card in store. Here in the UK, Tesco now have a contactless card where you can use vouchers saved up against purchases. Sainsburys now allow you to use their reward vouchers towards petrol too.

    While paper coupons still are valid there are issues with them being fake and also if they aren't printed correctly they don't scan. I still think there is a market for them as not everyone wants to use a loyalty card or has a smartphone where they can store e-coupons, but it is looking like companies will offer more vouchers this way instead as it's cheaper and easier to stop fraudulent use.