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    Hi everyone,

    I don't wear full wigs but I am into extensions and hair-toppers (to add volume to my own hair.) I've shopped a lot online and Vogue Wigs has always been one of my #1 go-to wig sites. They have synthetic wigs, but also human hair (never tried) and lace-front celebrity-style inspired wigs and toppers. I like that they also have a variety of colors to choose from. My hair is naturally brown but it does have a hint of red to it, and it's difficult to get the fake hair to blend in with my natural color, especially when it comes to the front/side-bangs. But Vogue Wigs gives you a wide enough variety to mix and match, and usually their golden brown color matches my hair even though I don't have any blond at all mixed in with my hair color, it seems to have that touch of red to blend in nicely. So you don't end up with the standard black, brown, red, blond, etc. They have mixed colors as well, which I love. Check out their latest deals and coupon code:

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    Enjoy! :)