Walking Dead Mid-season Premiere 2/8/2015 (contains Spoilers)

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    I wasn't expecting this sort of episode at all, nor them killing off a main character this quickly into the second half of the season. Usually they come back with some big action packed episode to kick things off, but this one was just sad and depressing.

    I had a feeling Tyrese would be exiting the show at some point this season since it's already been reported all over entertainment sites that he and the actor who plays Noah have both signed on for other TV shows - so it's unlikely they would be working on both at the same time. But killing him off so abruptly in the mid season opener was kind of a drag, especially with the whole transformation he went through last season and this season, and making amends with Carol.

    That said, the episode raised a lot of questions for me. Why was half the group gone? Did they stay back at the hospital after that whole showdown or something? Why did some of the people in Tyrese's hallucination have their wounds and others didn't? I don't recall seeing bullet holes in either Lizzy or Beth. Speaking of which, why is Lizzy's little sister all happy with her considering Lizzy was the one who stabbed her to death?

    Also it was so random for Tyrese to get taken out by one small zombie kid like that after he just cleared out a whole horde of them single handedly with his bare hands back at the cabin near Terminus.

    Not one of my favorite episodes this season, your thoughts?