Ways To Save Money For Your Car

Discussion in Auto & Moto started by prose • Jan 30, 2016.

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    Spending money on your vehicle can add up to a large expense. Here are some ways we save money with our vehicles:
    1. Drive your vehicle until it (nearly) dies. A new, shiny vehicle may be tempting, but if your vehicle is getting you from point A to point B safely, that is really all that you need. Plus, not having a car payment each month is really great!
    2. Perform regular maintenance on your vehicle. Check and replenish the fluids regularly. Change the tires when they start to get worn, and get an oil change regularly. The more you take care of the vehicle you have, the longer it will last. Plus, if you learn how to do maintenance on your vehicle yourself (such as oil changes), you will save even more money!
    3. Drive safely. Reckless speeds are not only dangerous and costly if you get a speeding ticket, but they also cost you in fuel efficiency, which will burn more gad than a safer, more fuel-efficient speed.
    4. Clean your car regularly. Wash your car to prevent rust, especially if you live in an area that has long winters with salt-covered roads. Vacuum and wipe down the interior of your car on a regular basis. Again, doing this yourself at home will save you even more money. Not only will this help your car not to deteriorate as quickly, but it will also be more enjoyable for you and your passengers!
    5. When you need vehicle repairs, read reviews of car mechanics before taking your car in! We found a great locally-owned mechanic by searching online and reading reviews first. Also, ask around to coworkers and family members to see who they go to.
    These are all ways we save money on our vehicles. What are some ways that you save money on your vehicles?
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    I've been having a lot of stress because of cars lately.

    I'd say that "Performing regular maintenance" is the best tip there...
    Keeping track of how many Km's is on each part goes a long way.
    If you drive to work every day, filling up the tank and taking advantage of coupons can be really good

    Also, just the other day I've read an article saying that the end of the year is when prices are lower, both for new and used cars.
    And lastly, when buying a car take in account all the other expenses (insurance, etc.), because prices vary for each car.
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    Don't customize your car? I don't know but aside from the usual maintenance and stuff, I think maintaining your car in its stock condition is the best way to save money. A stock vehicle performs its basic function which is moving you from point A to point B so if you're not exactly a big gear head, then buying new rims, spoilers, body kits, are non-essential and can save you a ton of cash.
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    Great OP and responses.

    I agree with @thenextGeek@thenextGeek to keeping your vehicle in it stock condition. When you do customize your vehicle it limits your prospects if you plan to resale in the future and possibly lose some of what you have invested.

    Learning to do simple maintenance like changing the wipers or putting air in tires or if you're able replacing fuses can save your money as well. Take out the owner's manual and read, read, read. There is so much that a car owner can learn to keep their expenses down.

    I feel a vehicle is an extension of oneself and paying attention to all the little things that don't seem normal could save you money in the long run if checked out before it becomes worse.
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    These are all great tips I also follow.
    I have one big tip that most people here in North America need to heed.
    Consider downsizing!
    You don't need hundreds of horsepower to move a few hundred pounds of humans around.
    So often I see some 105lb mom and a baby get out of a huge V8 gas guzzler.
    It boggles my mind why less then 200lbs of humans needs all that power to get around!
    That would be money much better spend on say, saving for a college education for that little baby.
    If you can afford it hey go nuts buy what you want.
    But I don't know a single person that could not use that extra cash.
    If you do the math, the cost savings can be thousands or tens of thousands of dollars!
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    I think you make a good point about not wasting money on brand new cars, because the truth is that they lose a lot of their value as soon as you drive them away, and this means that you will have thrown money away. You can get a perfectly good car without having to spend a huge amount of money on it, and this means that you need to shop around and have a good look at the second hand salesrooms that are in your local area.