WHAFF - Get Paid To Install and Try Out Android Apps

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    I held off posting about them until I got my first payment from them, but I can confirm that WHAFF does in fact pay you in a timely manner.

    If you are not familiar with it, WHAFF is basically a program where you install their Android App and from within it, they will list several other Android apps that you can get paid to install and try out. You just need to be sure that you follow the links from within the WHAFF application to get credit for these installs. The minimum payout is $10, and it's relatively easy to get close to it on the first day alone. It took me about 2 days to get to $10, only because there is a limited number of apps on there to get credits from and I had to wait until a few more offers showed up to put me at the cashout limit.

    There are also some other ways to earn money in the app as well, from some partners that WHAFF works with, these include additional app installations, surveys and watching some video trailers, but they generally will earn you less. In my experience, these partners were hit or miss on crediting you, but you can definitely get some additional ones using them.

    I didn't look into all of their payment options, but they definitely support Paypal. There is also some sort of processing fee for processing your payment, but I cannot tell who that is coming from, PayPal or WHAFF. Long story short, when I requested $10.00 from WHAFF, they sent me an email saying they sent $10, and PayPal shows $9.31 - so I'm assuming Paypal took out that 69 cents.

    Some tips on earning that I've learned so far:

    - After installing, play the games for at least 30 seconds to a minute or so past the initial startup screens. Some games require you to play them for a few minutes, read the instructions carefully. An app such as Easy Uninstaller Pro comes in Handy to show you all your latest installs and it makes it easy for you to remove them instead of hunting them all down in your app drawer.

    - There are other similar programs to WHAFF out there, that list a lot of the same games. Don't jump from one rewards program to another since you will never hit the payout cap for any of them. If you install and get credit for a program within WHAFF, I believe other rewards programs will not credit you for the same program even if you install it through them too.

    - The surveys, like I said, are hit or miss. You need to follow them carefully to make sure you actually completed them. There will be multiple survey offers which are essentially the same survey. If you completed it once already and got credit for it, and go back to try another survey and notice you're being asked the same questions all over again, don't bother completing it, you won't get more credits.

    If you are interested in trying this out for yourself, obviously you can just go to the App store and install it. If you use my referral code which I will post below, then both you and I will get 30 cents credit to our accounts (I will get my credit once you and anyone else reach the $10 payout point and cash out for yourselves).

    My referral code is: AE72050

    Thanks in advance for any of you who use it!