What Is A Good Deal On A New Computer?

Discussion in Software PC & Mac started by Jason76 • Apr 17, 2017.

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    Some might think all new computers are generally of the same quality and the differences are too minor to be of any concern. For instance, I got a new eMachines that I bought in 2011 and it still runs awesome, but, nonetheless, I bet it's not the only brand that would do well, of course, also considering that I'm also using cleaning utilities and an anti-virus.

    OK, anyhow, some factors that are weighed are support, design, reviews, innovation, value and selection, and warranty.
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    Every time I go to buy a computer I look closely at the following aspects: processor, memory capacity and obviously if the value is compatible with what is being charged. I never buy a computer just influenced by the brand (although I care about it).
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    I am always buying a generic computer because I cannot afford a brande HP or Dell or even Acer. With a generic computer, I am aware that reliability is always in question and the warranty cannot be counted on. That’s one big difference between a generic and a branded computer. That’s why I am targetting HP for my new computer although my budget is not enough. But if there would be a sale soon, maybe I can have my HP.
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    I always wait for sales to buy my laptop. I window shop to see what the prices are currently to get a good price on a sale item I got my eye on. You just got to be patient and wait till you get what you want for the price you want to pay. I also search for sales and see what they are too. Different stores have different prices. I look at the kind of laptop I want, the specs that I want and make sure the size is what I like. I love the 15.6 " laptop for my shoulders don't get crowded and sore when I use my laptop hour after hour. Then when I see what I like at a sale price, I go to ebates.com login, for I get money back for shopping online with ebates.com and added discounts, sometimes. Then, I go to my sale item, login, like I did for my current laptop, Office Depot, buy it online and store pickup. Perfect for I got my laptop on sale, got what I wanted with money back from ebates.com saving me even more money. I waited a few months by the way for everything to come together for the right price for my laptop. Good luck in finding your new laptop.
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