When you are bankrupt....

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    Assume for the time being that you are totally broke and just have enough money to pay the bills for the month. You cannot splurge anywhere and you cannot sacrifice a single penny.

    What are some nice things or activities you would do with:
    1) Your Spouse
    2) Your Family
    3) Your girlfriend/boyfriend
    4) Your Family

    This discussion is to remind you that though money is important, it is not everything.

    For me, picnics with the kids, at home movie night with the spouse or girlfirnd/boyfriend, and family game night/card night. I think that its important to teach your kids that while money is an important thing, that spending time with loved ones is priceless. Connecting with people is something you can't buy, no matter how much you spend. Cooking and eating together, picnics, walks in the park, game nights...you can do it all for little to no monetary investment, but these are the things that people will remember for a lifetime.