Where Do You Love To Shop For Clothes?

Discussion in Fashion & Apparel started by TheLovingLeah • Sep 23, 2015.

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    @TheLovingLeah....Now I'm going to give you something else to stew your noodle haha. I was out shopping about 2 days ago when I decided to stop by the Clarins beauty counter.....wrong move! I wasn't really to know I'd stumble across something I'd want to buy, other than their sunscreen! But my oh my! I found a few things that are specifically designed for uneven skin tone, and there was a special Christmas promotion going on that I simply must have hehe I have a French friend who has gorgeous skin and swears by Clarins, and now I have to find the equivalent of $63 for the gift pack I saw. Then I'll have to find an extra $40 for the sunscreen alone....**sigh** What can I say, I'm a sucker for good cosmetic products LOL
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    That happens to me all the time! I always look a little bit more even when I say I am done looking, then BAM I find something else I MUST have. I have definitely heard of Clarins before. It just sucks when it is a lot of money, it will be REALLY devastating when it does not work. It is definitely risk taking. Those items sound great! I am also a sucker for good cosmetic products. It's better then trying NOT to buy cosmetics, it is too impossible for me to do that haha.
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