Where To Buy Persian Or Lebanese Makeup?

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    So as I continue to venture into the world of makeup, I've found that Persian or Lebanese women have been historically known for some of the best makeup skills in the world. Literally, with some of these makeup skills they can transform from Plain Jane to hot stuff. In the western world, I think it's more broadly put under the umbrella of 'Arabic makeup.' But my question is: Where would I buy authentic makeup and or tutorial books to learn this awesome skill?!

    And please don't just say "Look on YouTube." I appreciate the advice, but most of the time it's just girls showing off their makeup looks. Nothing about where to buy the makeup itself. And sometimes the videos are not always authentic.

    What I'm specifically looking for are
    - Tutorial Books
    - Authentic makeup (online retailers, shops, bazaars, etc)
    - Countries: Middle Eastern, Persian, Turkish, Lebanese, etc.

    Thanks so much! I hope we get a good conversation going here.
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