Where Was Your Most Memorable Vacation?

Discussion in Travel started by shanetx1969 • Jun 2, 2015.

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    Mine was the very first time my wife and I went to Las Vegas. Neither of us had ever traveled anywhere as just a couple. We thought we had went to sleep and woke in some magical land! The bright lights, the attractions and so much to do! We were on a budget, of course. But we had found a really great deal on a travel site that allowed us to stay for an entire week for $1,200. This included flight and hotel. Even in 2007, we considered this a very good deal! For as long as we both live, we will never forget this vacation. One of the biggest cost saving tips that I can give anyone on a budget is if you do use a travel site, do not select the first package you see. Check the site multiple times a day. Prices fluctuate with supply and demand.
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