Who's Stronger: Pit Bulls Or Rottweilers?

Discussion in Pets started by ExpertAdvice • Jan 22, 2015.

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    So, I saw this video the other day, wherein a Rottweiler and a Pitt Bull were "pitted" against each other...not in your typical dogfight, but in a tussle with a stick, to see which dog would be able to "win the tug of war" that was staged.

    In this video, the Rottweiler was the clear victor, pulling the stick and the Pitt all the way into the shallow end of the sea, where they both were.

    So, my question to you today is...which dog is stronger overall, in your estimation?

    To be honest, the person who posted the video admitted in the comments, that the rottweiler weighed 150 lbs, while the Pitt Bull weighed a mere 80 lbs, so you could very well argue that the "fight" was not equally matched...

    But even apart from this instance, you must have some knowledge of both breeds, and of their strengths and weaknesses etc.

    So, my question of curiosity to you is this: which breed is stronger? Is it the Rottweiler or the Pitt Bull?

    Lemme know!


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