Why Do People Keep Singing Those 'Miss Me when I'm Gone'-Songs?

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    One of my friends has a Karaoke-addiction like I do, but she seems to sing from the same set of half-a-dozen songs every night. (While I do have a few 'regular songs' I do every time I sing Karaoke, I often do new songs---in fact, I'll typically do songs our D.J. has never heard anyone else Karaoke-sing before!)

    One song she sings is “The Cup Song." (It's "You’re Gonna Miss Me when I’m Gone," but the video features a 'Cups Dance'---a choreographed shuffling of cups on a table.) And--since there's a 'true rumor' that she's moving to a different state in a few months--it starts me thinking about how self-centered these song-writers are, how cruel to hope that we are deeply hurt when they aren't present, and how their songs encourage us to think the same way.

    Has anybody ever written a song about hoping we're happy when they're gone (and how they hope that--if they ever return--they hope we welcome them back to our 'long since we've moved on'-lives)? Is there any way for them to say that and NOT sound like they think-that they're a burden on us or -that we think our lives will be much easier when we don't have to worry about them?

    Maybe that's what the 'miss me when I'm gone'-songs are saying (subliminally)---that the song-writers hope we enjoy them while they're here--so much that we take them for granted (as if they'll ALWAYS be here)--but want to remind us to cherish them as much as we can each day because there will come a day when we can no longer enjoy the music they can no longer provide for us :(

    So maybe someone should write new songs that add-on to those songs---not quite a parody, but more like a 'commentary.' Saying that 'Yes, you will "miss me when I'm gone"; but it won't be hard as long as you don't expect more from this than comes with the memory.' Sound good? What else would you add to the 'addendum song(s).'